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An Australian website for Australians. 



 This website's goal is to ensure Tony Abbott is a One Term Prime Minister of Australia. Australians deserve a government that has All Australians best interests as its priority. Not just an Elite few. We deserve a forward thinking economically responsible and practical government that works towards having our Country now and in the future be prosperous Economically, Environmentally, Socially and sustainable for everyone. 

We do not believe Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister to do this. 



 Australians are part of an Intelligent Society.



We know that Climate Change is a Reality.

We know we need Economic, Social and Environmetal Responsibility to have our Economy grow.

We know protecting our landmark treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania's old growth forests from decimation is our legacy for future generations.

We know that having a viable public school system that is vibrant, well funded and well managed is the way to have future generations succeed in this ever changing world.

We know that all Australians regardless of their origin, be it indiginous, immigrant, or Australian born deserve the same human rights.

We know we need to move away from the fossil fuel industy to deliver cleaner energy solutions for our future.

We need to ongoingly invest in scientific research to achieve new technologies and breakthroughs in many areas of Australian life.

We know we need well funded and well managed Public Hospitals for our ageing population.

We know we need fair and transparent Work places that are accountable for the safety  and well being of it's employees.

We know we are responsible for our own personal life direction and deserve to have privacy in making our goals a reality.

We know we need a world class standard internet for the growth of our digital future.

We know we need to ongoingly support our farming and manufacturing industries to deliver goods and services to Australians and the world.

We know that everyone deserves the right to live their life with the partner of their choice and to be recognized legally for doing so.

We know that we live in a country that fundamentally for many reasons is the envy of the world.

We also know we need a government that is transparent and informs us of what they are doing in the name of all Australians.



 Who we are and what we stand for.  




This website is not affiliated with any current or future political party. Special interest group or lobby group.

This website is a private enterprise by Australians for current and future Australians.

This website has no agenda other than having a Government that is best for the longterm goals of this nation, its environmental, social and  economic prosperity. 





 How can I become part of or contribute to this movement ?



 There are several ways you can get involved.

As this is privately funded you can purchase our merchandise by going to our Shop. We have some pretty groovy Tshirts for sale (powered by Redbubble).

This helps us in 2 ways.

 1. You are prepared to stand up and show everyone who sees you in your Tshirt that you are part of the 1termtony movement.

 2. You help us financially in maintaining this site long term. 

You can tell your friends and family about this site through word of mouth or Social media.

You can write to Tony Abbott directly and tell him you only want him as a One Term Prime Minister.

You can contact us and tell us your concerns about why you think Tony Abbott is not right as the leader of this Country for more than One Term as Prime Minister.

If you are graphic or website designer and wish to donate your services to help us make this a more effectively visual website contact us.

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